Our high grade raw material ensures excellent finished products

Our very slowly grown timber- harvested selectively from our own Karelian forests after growing undisturbed for generations result in nature providing us with a very high percentage of heartwood. This gives our timber the perfect combination of high mechanical strength and stability which is the pre-requiste demand of the construction, furniture and allied businesses in our industry. Our current production is approx. 80% Redwood [ Pinus Sylestris] and 20% Whitewood [Picea Abies] with our aim for a controlled expansion in the future.


Our timber is produced on modern band lines and profiling circular saw lines. 

We can saw both Traditional and special size patterns to maximise the high heartwood content in each individual log. Our minimum centre cut thickness can be as thin as 25mm and our maximum as 75mm. Widths up to 225mm. Our sideboards range from 16mm  to 25mm and as wide as 150mm. Our products are usually graded to comply with The Blue Book or to specific clients requirements and can be graded before or after kilning. We have huge chamber kiln capacity which currently far exceeds our current production figures.

Shipping Marks

Our products are end marked with The Pin Arctic shipping mark / brand.


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