Responsible Sourcing of Timber

PinArctic was founded in 2002 in Kuopio Finland. It started initially as a trading company with links in Finland/ Western Russia and The Baltic States. After a period of successful growth, 2014 culminated in us taking a substantial step forward with the purchase of a modern sawmill and huge forestry reserves, thus securing the long term raw material supply base and the long term production needs. With our own excellent guaranteed raw material supply and our own production units we add our existing strengths of professional and reliable service, working like a family concern, co-operating with each individual customer, fine tuning on a day by day basis. The principle of delivery on time, in full, to the customer, in the correct grade and dimension remains as important today as when we first started.

FSC Certificate

Our FSC Certificate verifies that our timber is fully compliant and conforms ecologically, ethnically and socially from well managed forests. Our forestry model adheres to and supports the principles of sustainable development and responsible forest management. We are subjected to Annual Environmental audits by independent or accredited third parties for our complete chain of custody. 

PEFC Certificate

We are also to deliver PEFC Certified products. The PEFC certificate guarantees the origin of the timber and ensures the whole supply chain is environmentally friendly from the initial sourcing, through the production process to the actual final delivery. To achieve and maintain this certification requires an environmental valuation and audit by approved independents parties

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